Gas Safety Certificates

Landlord Gas Safety Checks & Responsibilities

All landlords in the UK are required to do three things in line with The Gas Safety Regulations.

  • Complete an annual Gas Safety Check
  • Record each of the Gas Safety Checks (Gas Safety Certificate or CP12)
  • Provide maintanence for all Gas Appliances
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Landlords are required by law to have their Gas Safety record updated every year, to prove that all the life-saving gas safety checks have been made at the property.

Once your gas safety check has been completed, you will be issued with a Gas Safety Cert or CP12 record. All tenants should be provided a copy of this document soon after the inspection.

A typical safety inspection should:

  • Check that appliances are well ventilated and that there is a constant supply of fresh air enabling the gas to burn properly
  • Check the installation and appliances for gas tightness
  • Check that all safety devices are working effectively
  • Inspect flue and/or chimney to ensure absolutely all fumes are leaving the property via the appropriate means
  • Declare an appliance unsafe if they find any faults

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