Get an EV Charging Point installed at your Rental Property

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With the UK government’s pledge to ban all sales of new petrol and diesel cars, the next decade will see a rapid uptake in electric vehicles.

As a knock-on effect, rental properties with EV charging abilities will begin to develop an edge in the market.  As EV's shortly become the primary form of car on the road, an EV charger will help future proof your properties and secure valuable and desirable tenants.  If your property falls within a planned Low Emission Zone, this is especially critical to ensure the viability of your investment to future tenants.

The good news is that in many circumstances, Governments Grants are available to offset the cost of an EV point installtion.  These grants won't be available forever, however, so get in touch to discuss what's available to you and your properties today.

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Recieve up to £600 in funding towards your EV Charger

As fully accredited EV Charge Point installers, we are able to supply and install your choice of charger at your property - and claim up to £600 in Government Funding towards your costs.

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